Astrology Classes, Workshops & Chats 2020

Small Classes in Bayswater

There are a range of classes and workshops. In these classes the “language of astrology “is first taught. Then the conversation can take us to all areas of our lives and into the future. Learn how to read a chart and understand the gifts and challenges apparent there from the time of our birth. Understand the motivation and drives plus the ease or difficulty of achieving them. Please subscribe to my newsletter to receive announcements.

Awareness is always the first stage in reaching our potential.

Crash Course in Astrology for Beginners – 5 Weeks

Date: Classes recommence July 18 – Time 2:oopm

Venue: Elizabeth Street, Bayswater WA, Phone 08-9272 7861

Costs: $140 for the full 5 weeks, discount available for concession cards $120

This gives the language of astrology for those who want to learn how to read their natal chart. The first task is to understand all the components of astrology language then learn to put it all together. The small group size means the information is more reality understood with lots of opportunities for questioning!

5 weeks of concentrated learning with your chart. Birth data of date, time and place are used to draw a chart.

The first session is for 1 1/2 hours instead of the usual two. This session is immediately followed by a general chat session where you can meet other astrologers, all at different levels of knowledge. Feel free to stay for a little time or for the full chat session. After this week all classes are 2 hours.

As the group numbers are kept very small the amount needs to be paid in advance. If you miss a class you can make it up in the next  group.

If you would like to pay via electronic bank transfer, please click here.

Chat Session – Come along to an informal session

Date: July 18 Time: 4-5.30

Cost: No Charge but please contact me to register numbers

Discuss astrology at different levels with others. Bring up a query, ask about your chart.Bring along a hard copy of your chart. Explore different systems or any area that you want to talk about. Maybe do a little research as well before you come and share some information with the group.
Buddy up with someone who wants to study in depth or generally chat away.!
View the library books from the association and find out how to access them.
Sessions will run every roughly 5 weeks. This is not a formal “class” but a general talk fest.

Advanced Astrology Classes

Date: Thursday  February 6th  2020   Time: 6.30 to 8.30 pm

Venue: This class is usually held in 8th Avenue, Maylands. There is easy parking on/in the street with access to the train very close.

Cost: $35 or with a concession card $25

These may lead to exam sitting or to a greater understanding of astrology for those with basic understanding. The revised exam system for FAA has  arrived and can be viewed on the FAA site or I have copies here.

Most sessions start with a practice at delineation of a natal chart. The second section of the evening will be a specialty area:

  • Elements
  • Synestry- composite charts/derived ascendant/grids
  • Asteroids
  • Solar Arc directions
  • Midpoints…and many more!


Notice of attendance is needed prior to the class as I will be printing handouts and sometimes preparing specific charts with student details.Also payment is expected prior to the class.

If you would like to pay via electronic bank transfer, please click here.

The River of Life – Where does yours flow?

Progressed Moon Cycles

Date: Sunday 16th  FEBRUARY 2020 – Time:3-5 PM

Venue: Elizabeth Street, Bayswater WA, Phone 08-9272 7861

Cost: $35 or concession price of $25.   Numbers are limited.

View the big picture of your life energies
How are the events in your life reflected in the cycles of the moon – 8 phases over 29 years? When is your next new moon time marking beginnings in your life? How do you know when to be creative, relaxed or when is the time to reap the benefits of your hard labour?

Workshop on Saturn

Date:  Sunday  8 th March 2020  Time:3-5 PM

3 Elizabeth Street, Bayswater WA, Phone 08-9272 7861

Cost: $35 or concession card $25. Numbers are limited.

This planet is associated with major times in our life. The “Saturn return” is a time of reckoning in our lives..

Explore where this planet sits in your personal chart- what area of your life will be involved and what themes will repeat over your life time?

At what times will it bring responsibility into your life? Work with your chart.

If you would like to pay via electronic bank transfer, please click here.

Workshop: Eclipses

Date: April 2020 Expressions of interest are invited

When do eclipses occur?
What do these mean in your life?
How do they affect you personally and the whole of life generally?

We will also discuss Prenatal Eclipses. Work with your own chart when you supply birth place, date and time.

Prediction Tools Class 3

Date: Expressions of interest are invited

What is commonly used by astrologers to see what may happen next?Some methods involve the actual movement of bodies in the sky today while others are symbolic.
The use of Solar arc directions and planetary returns

Please contact Margie directly to register interest or sign up for the newsletter (see bottom of page).

Event Venue: 3 Elizabeth Street, Bayswater WA, Phone 08-9272 7861

Bank Transfer Payment: Account Name: M Crocker, BSB: 016 359, Account Number: 222116068
Please email me after you have paid for notification.

Margie Crocker
Dip. International Guild of Astrologers;
B.Ed, Grad.Dip (Psychotherapy and Counselling)
Perth, Western Australia
Land line: 92727861
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