Astrology has been studied for millennia, and it dates back as far as recorded history. The current and future positions of planets allow us to plan for major events with the most positive outcomes.


This fascinating ancient art is a tool to raising our self awareness to our skills, blocks and our potential.


The planets at our time of birth describe patterns of energies shaping our personality, relationships, spirituality and all areas of our lives.


Each planet describes a different energy, for example:
Neptune is our spiritual self, creativity, music, loss of boundaries and belief in spiritual unity. Does this flow easily for you or are there times of deception?


During an interactive discussion with Margie, each of the 10 planets in your personal chart is described and can be recorded for you to keep.


Margie Crocker
Dip. International Guild of Astrologers;
B.Ed, Grad.Dip (Psychotherapy and Counselling)


Bayswater, Perth, Western Australia
Email: margie@constellationsastrology.com.au