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Astrology Charts and Readings

During an interactive astrology consultation we look into each of the 10 planets in your personal chart and view the energies surrounding you at present and how they may manifest is also discussed with a printed ‘time map’ of the next 8 months. Major changes are examined with advice on positive ways of welcoming the new! Sometimes minor changes are on the horizon, our timing is individual.

Your chart is described and beautifully presented in a choice of formats for you to keep. This tool is then available for you to use in the future on your life journey. Most people prefer to record the session on their phone.

The procedure for an astrology reading

The date, place and time of birth are required for astrology readings. Charts can be drawn without the time. When I receive this information and payment I will draw the charts then contact you for an appointment in Bayswater, Western Australia. {Those interstate and away from Australia will have a Zoom session}.

The face to face natal session takes from 1 to 1.5 hours.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Natal Chart – $195

For a detailed discussion of your life patterns recorded on disc with a beautiful coloured chart.

Birth Date & Birth Time
Birth Place

Transits – $115 -For those returning clients. As the natal chart has been thoroughly viewed in previous sessions, now we use that information to view the future. For new clients it is important to have a full knowledge the natal chart before this shorter session takes place. 

A yearly reading to see what energies and opportunities will occur this year. Make the most of today and plan for the near future by knowing the type of events likely to occur.

Birth Date & Birth Time:
Birth Place:

Real Estate Charts – $145

When is the best time to sell your property?

Birth Date & Birth Time:
Birth Place:

Children’s Chart – $110

An insight into your child’s needs and personality with key issues pinpointed in time. This is a beautiful gift for the new baby or for any age.

Birth Date & Birth Time:
Birth Place:

Relationship Charts – $110

Two people produce an energy of their own, which makes a third chart! What are the strengths and weakness of your relationship – with partner, child or manager?
Please contact me after your payment with the following details: Your name, your date of birth, your time of birth (if known), your place of birth and your partners name, your partners date of birth, your partners time of birth (if known) & partners place of birth

Business Chart – $275

What is the potential of your business? Look at the inner strengths and follow transits to make the most of this opportunity.
Select the birth time, date and place for your business. Maybe the date of forming the business plan, or the time the door first opened or when the name was registered? This is the time when your business was “born” and ready to go.

Birth date & time of business:
Birth place of business:

Astrology Mini Sessions – $58

A reading of 20 minutes regarding the sun, moon and ascendant placements together in a folder with coloured chart and disc recording.

Birth Date & Birth Time:
Birth Place: